I’m Back!

Hey everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged on this site, almost two years to be exact. To keep it completely honest, for the past year and a half I’ve been working as a sales and marketing intern for a luxury and sports automotive company. As exciting that may sound, it was my first experience working in the corporate world and it kicked my ass. It was demanding, time consuming and at times unorganized to the point I’d always have to come up with an idea off the top of my head although I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. During my time there, I was experiencing imposter syndrome to the point it started affecting my work in the end. Towards the end of this past March, I found out I was being laid off due to the lack of business because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The news didn’t phase me because my internship was ending in May. However, I was ecstatic to finally decompress and have time to myself. The next few months showed me different.

After that brief wave of excitement, the imposter syndrome stuck with me as I was looking for courses and certificates to help build more experience for my resume. My main goal was to become a digital marketing analyst, but as time went by I realized I wanted to focus on a completely different career path. Software engineering. I made this revelation while looking back on my past employment assessing what areas I need to improve. While looking back the last 18 months, I discovered I still have a knack for creativity and building things while being analytical. As much as I wanted to become part of the marketing world, I wanted to do something more life changing and metaphorically tangible. After I watched a Youtube video by The Come Up, I was inspired to make that career change. I realized tech basically rules the world and during Covid-19 it really showed me how much the world relies on it, especially during incredibly world changing events. There’s a huge job market in tech, with comfortable salaries, and it will continue to exponentially grow. As a single mother with a longing for a stable income and independence while making a positive in the world, software engineering is the way to go for right now. I still have a love for lifestyle and beauty but at the moment, this is something a little bit more worthwhile.

Now, that my whole hiatus storytime is out the way, I’ve decided to become an Independent Beauty Guide for Limelife by Alcone skincare and cosmetics. So please check out the link to my shop below and contact me for more information!

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