Tips to Combat Internal Empty Nest Syndrom


“Nest” by Free-Photos is licensed under CC by 0

Feeling guilty going on a trip without the little one? Here’s some advice to combat that internal empty nest syndrom.

Although taking some, “mommy time,” out for myself can be great, it can be quite sad at times. While I went out on my mom-cation, I kind of immediately began to feel withdrawl symptoms as soon as I realized my sweet little pumpkin munch wasn’t with me. Sometimes I’d hear her little, “mommy,” in my head or a random faint distant cry of hers. Those little experiences may seem unhealthy, but it’s actually natural to miss your baby. Here are some tips I personally use to combat internal empty nest syndrom:

  • Remind yourself it’s healthy to mentally and physically take time out for yourself.
  • Take advantage of the spare time to build up and empower yourself.
  • Create experiences you can take back as life lessons for your child.
  • Bring back a keepsake to your child as a reminder it’s okay to take time out for yourself and it’s also healthy to simultaneously keep your child in mind every now and then.

These are tips that helped me get through my first mom-cation. I never really been away from daughter for an extended period of time in her little three years of life. But these tips helped me out with the internal empty nest syndrom.





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