5 Affordable Alternatives For an Atlanta Stay-cation

If you can’t afford to travel out of state, here are some local alternatives that’ll make you feel like you’re in a different world.

1. Book an Airbnb in the city

“Airbnb” by Reisefreiheit_eu is licensed under CC BY 0

You can book a nice Airbnb in the city for a couple of days for a relaxing getaway and go explore the city of your own.

2. Go to a spa

“Wellness Spa Relax Relaxing Woman” by Rhythmuswege is licensed under CC by 0

Unwind and relax by scheduling an appointment at a spa in the city for relaxing quiet time. Get a nice massage and let your worries go.

3. Find a workout class

“Fitness Dumbells Training” by Markusspiske is licensed under CC by 0

Go to a Cycle Bar or a Zumba class let loose and just sweat all your stress away. Sometimes a good physical workout can be a great mental workout.

4.Take yourself out on a date

“Person Walking City Street” by Free-Photos is licensed under CC by 0

Spend some “time” by exploring the city of Atlanta and grabbing a bite to eat at a nice restaurant or catch a show. Take the time out to pamper and love yourself. You deserve it!

5. Go on a shopping date with friends

“Escalator, stairs” by cocoparisienne is licensed under CC by 0

Life with kids can sometimes be selfless and lonely. Take some time to reconnect with friends and catch up on each other’s lives.


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