As any woman with a child would know, being a mother is hard. It’s a full time job in which we give ourselves up to raise these little human beings called children with no money or vacation time in return. On top of that, being a young single mother always on the go can be incredibly challenging. As a young 20 something still going through the motions of my budding adulthood, it’s stressful and emotionally draining to the point sometimes I just want to scream at the top of a mountain or just endlessly run where ever my legs guide me.

las-vegas-573600_1920 (1)

Of course, as daunting and downright frightening motherhood maybe, the most healthiest way to de-stress is going on a mom-cation. It can be going out of town for a weekend or staying in a nice Airbnb in the city of Atlanta. Personally, I chose to fly out to Las Vegas and experience a whole new city out of state kid free. Experiencing time for myself to explore just a minuscule of my 20s is such a breather.

Despite exploring a whole new world kid free, or just even a snippet of what life would be like without a kid, I wouldn’t trade motherhood in for nothing in the world.


2 Replies to “Mom-cation”

  1. I’ve met so many young mom’s who desperately need to take a vacation just to slow things down for a second but the second they get away for a little while they’re missing their little person. Do you have advice for those moms who can’t get away for longer than a couple hours before wanting to go back? Even when they know their body and mind needs a longer break?


  2. I LOVE the concept of your blog. From the inspiration for your name to the style. I can definitely see this as a place for young moms to come and get advice and maybe even just a laugh. Good work!


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