The inspiration behind this blog is I’m a young mother, and a future college graduate, juggling the transition of life after college and motherhood. As we all know, motherhood is no easy task for any mother. However, I want to share my story as a young mother constantly battling the ups and downs of adulthood while raising a daughter in a highly influential city like Atlanta.

Speaking of Atlanta, I will share what life is like living and moving around in the South’s biggest city. This blog will feature mommy daughter friendly places like spas, mommy and me classes, eateries and more.

Furthermore, I also aim to post about what it’s like bringing and raising a child in such a digitally connected society, especially young girls. As a somewhat aging 90s baby who’s continually watching digital media dominating every single culture one can think of, I find it’s necessary to teach my daughter how to navigate the good and bad of social media and the internet as a whole. I will specifically discuss about representation of women and young girls and the ever evolving social norms and taboos that are constantly attached to femininity.


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